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The belief that combining skill and the highest quality materials available will result in a superb product is not always true.

Through our lengthy investment in research and development we discovered pretty much everything you can't do to slate. We discovered that some paint sticks to stone just fine... for a few months... then we found a monument paint that was perfect!

We take pride in spending the time to make sure that each component of our signs is "THE BEST" without question. This means traveling directly to the stone quarries and selecting each piece of stone which we then hand cut. When we say hand cut we mean cut by hand - no machines! Low tech, the way things have been done for over a 1,000 years, is the best way to develop skill and the best way to achieve the end result that makes people say "Wow, how'd ya do that!"

Slate is naturally created in varying colors and shades. Each color comes from a different region and has different characteristics. It's the differences in how we must work the stone to achieve our final goal that makes this job so interesting and fun!




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