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Night Vision Coating

Our Copper/Ivory and White/Silver paint will reflect light at night better than any of our other paint choices. However, if what you want is the same reflective properties that you see in Highway and Street Signs, ask for our optional NIGHT VISION coating.

The sign can be seen at the driveway entrance mounted at the optimum height for nighttime visibility.
Headlights from an oncoming car illuminate the sign making the painted areas light up silver.A closer view of the sign at night showing the high degree of contrast.  Only the painted areas will reflect.
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to see the dramatic difference!

This unique, retro-reflective, light enhancing coating can be applied over any painted area at a cost of $15. Regardless of the color of your paint choice, at night your sign will reflect bright silver under direct illumination. Your sign will not glow in the dark. NIGHT VISION is only effective when your sign has exposure to a direct beam of light such as oncoming headlights or a street light across the road. It is a popular choice on Cottage Signs and an absolute necessity in areas that require 911 numbering at the roadside.

Look carefully at the porch of the Victorian house above and you will see two signs. The bottom sign is actually black with white/silver paint but is not visible because of the low light conditions. The top is black with copper/ivory paint plus NIGHT VISION. The top sign is far more visible as it is reflecting silver from the direct beam of light coming from a street light across the road NOT the porch light. It is important to understand that the sign will only reflect light directly back to it's source and therefore must be viewed from the source of the light ie.) a passenger in a car with headlights on.

The technology that makes this possible is a spherical lens encased in millions of aluminum coated micro glass beads. The lenses reflect any light directly back to it's source. This is different than photo luminescence. Do not expect the sign to glow in the dark or you risk becoming an unsatisfied customer. The sign does not glow in the dark. In order for the glass beads to function properly, the sign must be illuminated from the same direction you wish to view it. Side lighting will NOT make your sign reflect to the front.

The aluminum coated glass beads resist ultra violet rays, allowing them to perform efficiently without deterioration unless subjected to severe wear factors such as airborne salt. For this reason, we make a point to retain your sign pattern for a minimum of 7 years, making it possible for us to re-coat your sign at a nominal charge.



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