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We like making Slate House Signs and they are quite popular but, nothing is more enjoyable than creating a custom logo or interpreting an existing corporate symbol in Slate.

Take our own simple logo for example. We've had it for years, reproduced it on t-shirts, packing boxes, invoices, etc... people are familiar with it. But, when we take the same image, carve it in Slate, gild the surface in 23kt. gold, we get a totally new look. A look that makes people take notice and say "Wow, that's beautiful!" Take a look at some of our corporate work and judge for yourself.

If you are looking for a truly custom look for your Home, Business, Cottage or Home Based Business, contact us and we can explore your project in detail.

With unlimited imagination and creativity pretty much anything can be achieved.

Note: "Artwork" is a one time design charge for custom work.

Signs From Above
12" x 20" black slate with copper/ivory paint and 23kt. gold. Sign $700 + priceless artwork

Maple Leaf
12" x 12" black slate with copper/ivory background and variegated leaf. Sign $300 (artwork included)

Daymen "Bear"
15" x 20" black slate with natural finish, hand painting and 23kt. gold. Sign $800 + $350 (artwork)

12" x 24" black slate with copper paint and genuine copper leaf. Sign $750 + $300 (artwork)

10" x 14" black slate with natural finish and 23kt. gold. Hand carving of extremely fine detail. Sign $825 + $200 (artwork)



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