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Black Slate
- An exceptionally clear deep black slate of guaranteed Quality from our exclusive Quebec supplier. Unique to this black is the subtle banding and varying degrees of luster within the banding. It's neutral color and traditional elegance make it is our most popular slate.
Mottled Black
Mottled Black Slate
- Features shades of gray and black in a stripe-like pattern. Each piece offers an eye pleasing variety of texture similar to an expensive coarse-grained wood.
Gray Slate - Exhibits a rich battleship color that can darken and may develop a patina over time but will never be mistaken for black or mottled black.
Green Slate
- A premium grade Vermont slate. Each piece is unique and can have shades of green varying from olive green to light gray. It is not uncommon that small inclusions of hard minerals such as Pyrite ("Fool's Gold") can be found on the surface or as a small lump in the background after carving.

Variegated Slate - This favorite slate of ours has color that ranges from a beautiful purple to deep green. Each piece is hand selected for its pleasing transition of color and intensity. Supplies are extremely limited and pieces for our larger signs are now impossible to obtain as the only quarry that produced it went out of business in 1998!

Burgundy Slate
- From the same Newfoundland quarry that ceased operation In 1998, comes this virtually clear slate that ranges in color from deep purple to brown and all shades in between. This extremely hard slate is unique to Canada 's east coast and should never be confused with the American and Welsh purple that is rarely clear.
Red Slate
- So rare we refer to it as "rare red". In the 1880's a person could determine how rich a particular church congregation was by how much red slate they could afford to display on their roof. For over 200 years, the World's only known source is a small quarry in southern New York State. This slate has a beautiful terra-cotta color and is extremely hard.

We regularly stock these colors. Keep in mind that Slate is a completely natural material and, even though all of a particular color may come from the same quarry, differences will occur between pieces. Our most popular choices are Black, Green (some would call it a greeny-gray) and Burgundy.


We use three to five coats of monument grade enamel paint for durability on the carved areas of your sign. The most popular paint choice is Copper/Ivory followed by White/Silver. Both give a very rich appearance, almost a pearlescent, which has the added benefit of being more visible at night. The paint does not glow in the dark, it just reflects light a little better.

If what you want is the MOST REFLECTIVE house sign on the market all you need do is ask for our optional NIGHT VISION coating.




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